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Phil Frost

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Pendant les années 90 Phil Frost a conçu un art immédiatement reconnaissable dans les rues de New York, couvrant les murs, les vieilles portes, les tables et des objets trouvés - avec une texture blanche qui associe traits primitifs, graffiti, street art et design. Cette trace qui rappelle les langages picturaux australiens et hawaïennes, ce livre reconstitue l'évolution style graphique riche en sigles, symboles et logos stylisés qui donnent à cet artiste autodidacte un travail aux accents tribaux. Phil Frost croit, "que, dans chaque personne il y a une expression indigène". Après avoir travaillé intensivement dans les rues, sa renommée n'a pas d'égal dans la communauté des skateboarders.
Né à Jamestown (NY) en 1973, Phil Frost a tenu plusieurs expositions individuelles, y compris à la Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art de Philadelphie (2002) et au Centre Culturel Musée Spirale à Tokyo (2001). Grâce à l'exposition collective "Beautiful Losers" ses œuvres ont été vues partout dans le monde. Il vit et travaille actuellement à New York.

Relié | 27,8 x 27,4 cm | 162 p. | 2008 | ang/it

During the 90’s Phil Frost devised an immediately recognisable art on the streets of New York, covering walls and scrapped materials – old doors, tables and objets trouvés – with a white texture that fuses primitivism, graffiti, street art and graphic design. Following this trace of extraordinary visual impact, which recalls Australian and Hawaiian pictorial languages, the book Frost reconstructs the evolution of a graphic cipher rich in abbreviations, symbols and stylised logos that give this self taught artist’s works the primordial character of tribal articles. If it is true, as Phil Frost believes, “that within every person there is an indigenous expression of themselves,” his artistic action consists of “tattooing” the greatest possible number of surfaces, be they an old baseball bat or a girl’s skin. After working extensively on the streets, gaining fame among the musical community and skateboarders, Frost’s popularity was confirmed in 1995 when PBS did a documentary about him. This won him admission to the gallery and museum circuit.
Born in Jamestown (NY) in 1973, Phil Frost has held several solo exhibitions including at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art in Philadelphia (2002) and the Spiral Museum Cultural Center in Tokyo (2001). Through the collective exhibition Beautiful Losers his works have been seen all over the world. He currently lives and works in New York.

Hardcover | 27,8 x 27,4 cm | 162 p. | 2008 | Eng/It